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Chapter 85

That evening, Angelique and Annie were picked up Nicholas . The three of them headed to the hotel where the party was held .

At the same time, Producer Chia was waiting for them outside the hotel to make sure they are fine . "Angelique, you're finally here . "

"Producer Chia, sorry to keep you waiting," Angelique said as he walked towards him .

Producer Chia was amazed at Angelique presence and attire, it looks quite simple yet very alluring . "Come, let's go inside . "

Inside the hotel hall, stars from all circles of the entertainment industry arrived as well as heiress and heirs of big businesses . Angelique entered the hall, grabbing hold of Nicholas arms, which caught everyone's attention as they both walked in .

As the party started, Producer Chia introduced Angelique to different people that can help influence her career . But for Angelique they meant nothing to her, she really does not want to take the easy way to her career despite she never planned it from the start .

"Angelique, I'll go get you something to drink," Nicholas said as he excused himself .

Annie grabs Angelique's arm and softly whispered to her ears, "I think Nicholas might like you . "

Angelique was surprised with what Annie said, "Don't be silly . . . He's just a good host . "

Annie really can't understand how gullible Angelique is when it comes to love . I bet she does not even realize that Harry and Jason also liked her but who knows . She just wishes her all the best .

That evening loads of stars show off their talents in singing and dancing as they tried to excite each other .

"Miss Angelique, can we hear you sing as well . "

"I heard you just release an alb.u.m . "

"Can we please her one of your songs?"

Angelique has not performed any of her songs yet in public at the same time she really can't be bothered to perform in front of everyone .

Nicholas also begged like everyone else, "Can we please Angelique . "

Angelique drags herself to the stage and borrowed the guitar one of the singers brought . She then started strumming the guitar and started singing to its melody .

When you're feeling angry and alone

Don't be afraid, I am here

Just opened the door and let me in

Since I've been waiting for you

So come, let me hold you

I want to feel your warmth

So let's stop this now

If you feel like we're breaking

I want you to know that

I love you so much

Everyone was mesmerized and amazed as Angelique sung her song, her voice was indeed Angelic like what rumors have said .

As Angelique ended her performance, everyone applauds her and praise her as soon as she steps down the stage .

"Miss Angelique, you were so amazing . "

"I can now understand why you top the chart for a whole month . "

"Miss Angelique, would you like to collaborate with me . "

Angelique gave everyone a gent

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