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Chapter 73

A few days have pa.s.sed by, Angelique has woken up and was almost back to her energetic self . She was browsing online at the latest news .

[New Artist Angelique makes grand impact at the Fas.h.i.+on Show . ]

[Surprising turn of event at Last Week Fas.h.i.+on Show . ]

[Angelique surprised everyone at the Fas.h.i.+on Show . ]

"Was it just me or Angelique entrance at the fas.h.i.+on show seems a bit of a surprise to the other models, their faces were surprised as if they did not expect it at all . "

"But wasn't Angelique already one of the models for the fas.h.i.+on show, how come they were still surprised to see her . "

"I heard Angelique is in a hospital right now . Rumors said that before the fas.h.i.+on show an accident happened almost to end Angelique life . "

Because of the rumors, events about the fas.h.i.+on show has gone viral and everyone started suspecting things . Since the people involve in the fas.h.i.+on show have signed a contract, of course, none of them said a word . Plus, they were worried that people might suspect them and that they could end up in jail .

"I told you to rest . . . " a man in white coat enter the room .

The girl gave a big smile in seeing the man that just walked in . "I'm sorry, Jamie or should I now call you Dr . Jamie . "

"You don't have to be that formal . "

"But still, congratulation in pa.s.sing your exam, and evening topping in the country . "

The guy walked towards the girl and gave her a warm embrace, "Thanks . "

The girl did not react to the man's action, but for some reason she felt a little different towards how the man has acted towards her lately . As the man let go of her, the girl notice that his ear was slightly red . She continued to observe things instead of asking the man directly .

"Anyways, how do you feel right now?" he asked while he was checking her charts .

"Oh, are you my doctor too?" he sarcastically asked . "I though you're just pa.s.sing by . . . "

"I am just pa.s.sing by, as a friend I'm asking a friend how she feeling, since I'm a doctor and can understand what is written on the charts I do have rights as well to check this . "

"Fine . . . " she laughed at the man's innocence "I'm doing much better, I wonder when I can go home though?"

"I've asked the doctor about that, if by tomorrow nothing goes wrong . You're free to go . . . "

"That's great, I actually miss my own bed . "

The man was happy seeing the girl so cheerful, before he left her alone . He turned around for the last time and looked at her . "Ange, once your feeling better and free . Would you like to go on a date with me, just the two of us?"

The girl was taken aback by Jamie question . They have been out together before but never just the two of them . She was left in a state of shock that her mind was not able to answer the man and just nodded her head . After se

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