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titel-schutz > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 9
At the age of eight, Francesca was bright, innocent and curious, she was able to get along well with others, the poster child for young ladies everywhere. If one were to compare, she would be more like a heroine than a rival character. And precisely because of Francesca's character, she could not overlook the fate of her mother, Marianne.

According to the original, Marianne would fall ill with 'Black Crest Disease' in the future. The disease causes the person's magical power to go out of control, it weakens the whole body. As the illness progressed, the skin would become affected by the magical power and a black pattern would emerge. For that reason, it was called 'Black Crest Disease'. The cause is unknown. It leads to death about one year after contraction, there are currently no cures.

"But, I can cure it. Definitely!"

In the original, the heroine completed a potion which would cure the Black Crest Disease no matter which route you were in. Although the process was not explained in detail, the main outline remained in Fran's memory.

"Even if it's the beginning, it's better than nothing. After that, I only need to work hard."

Young Francesca believed that possibilities were endless.

Effort would bear fruit; hard work would pay off. If you don't give up, your dreams will definitely come true. You can change the world as long as your heart is in it.

"Mother, I'll definitely save you!"

Although it would be different from the original, she would make the cure for the Black Crest Disease. As for what was necessary, first, a better environment. Starting on something so grand, if you don't prepare properly, you'll get knocked off your feet. Francesca understood this because of her experience with others in her past life.

So, what material to start with? Francesca immediately ran from the herb garden and headed to her father's study.

Her father's name was Ashley di Rosenthal. He was the general of the Claulight army, nicknamed the 'Cold Royal Marshal' he brought fear to the neighbouring countries with just that name. His skill as a strategical tactician was high, even if he was at a disadvantage he was able to keep his calm, it brought a lot of victories to the Claulight army.

"h.e.l.lo father, could I ask…?"

Francesca was shy and fidgety as she tried to breach the topic. It was said that the Duke of Rosenthal, even if his beloved daughter were present, he would keep up the same sharp look… His expressionless face was famous, in the military, people would bet on "Who can make the Duke of Rosenthal laugh first?"

"A favour. I'm listening. Say it clearly."

"I, I would like to marry father in the future, but I'm worried that father will fall down with illness. Therefore, I want to study potion making…"


In short, the Duke of Rosenthal's emotions were short-circuiting. For a little girl to say, "I want to marry father," as a father it would make them more or less happy. However, the Duk

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