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titel-schutz > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 13
"Fran, my cute Fran. Your s.h.i.+ning silver hair and pink lips, all of them, they belong to me—”

Leonhart's lips descended on to Francesca's forehead. A warm kiss. And a tight hug. She could feel Leonhart's body temperature and muscular chest over her clothes.

"I love you. I want to hold you. I need you… Is it okay?"

It was unfair to whisper such sweet words into her ear. She was unable to refuse the deep voice that whispered to her. Francesca subtly, but certainly, nodded her head.

"I like Fran."

Leonhart released her body a little and gave her a gentle smile. Francesca was captivated by the smile that had remained the same since they were young, while he stroked her head. It was a little embarra.s.sing but still comfortable. She allowed her facial expression to relax.

But, it was still a bit strange. Just a while ago, she was still afraid of being thrown away by Leon… but now she felt very calm. The reason was clear. Leon did not fall for Angelina. He was still in love with her as before.

"Fran, close your eyes."


Leonhart's lips came closer. She felt the light touch of a kiss. Francesca's upper and lower lip were gently pecked, over and over again.


Surprised by him suddenly stroking the nape of her neck, Francesca raises her voice. Leonhart had on a small teasing smile. Francesca was weak to this expression. Imagining what would happen next, her back began to tremble.

"You, you're still as sensitive as ever."

"Ah, Le-Leon…"

He kissed her again, covering her lips. Then Leonhart's tongue entered. The tip of his tongue lightly caressed the tender flesh, that was enough to make Francesca almost collapse.

Leaning against Leonhart, he pushed back on her lips in order to devour them greedily. Tangling with his tongue, Francesca was toyed with those sensations.

"N, ya…—ah, ah…"

At this point, Francesca was already unable to resist. As usual, she was at Leonhart's mercy.

She did not feel reluctant. Because in Leonhart's blue eyes, only Francesca was reflected… At this moment, more than anybody else in the world, he only wanted her. This made her happy, Francesca clung to Leonhart's neck.

"Fran's skin is so smooth. It smells nice…"

When Leonhart released her lips, he buried his face into Francesca's neck.


Just from the kiss, a fire had already been lit inside of Francesca's body. When she felt Leonhart's lips on her clavicle, she cried out. He continued to lick along her neck, it was useless. The places where Leonhart's lips touched gave her a skin-crawling feeling, Francesca trembled.

"You're so cute… Honestly, I wish I could lock you up in the royal palace."

Francesca's response seemed to have ignited the repressed feelings inside of Leonhart's heart. Leonhart happily smiled and breathed into Francesca's shoulder.

"Someday, I'll lock you up. Imprisoning you only for me… Until then, I'll make them understand[1] that you're m

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