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titel-schutz > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 2
This is the Royal Claulight Academy. Only those of the royal family, n.o.bility and a few wealthy commoners attend here. It's an inst.i.tution for nurturing the next generation, starting from the age of twelve and ending at sixteen. A wide variety of topics are taught, ranging from the history and culture of the Kingdom of Claudis, etiquette, world events, economics, political sciences, tactics, magic—Students were given top-cla.s.s education based on their respective capabilities.


"Fran, you look rather tired."

The day after the storm. There was herbalism practice in the morning. Refining potions.

This resembles those witches from that picture book I saw in my previous life… and the like, Francesca thought.

It's not like she disliked herbalism cla.s.s. She had been addicted to herbal tea and aromatherapy in her past life, it was the lesson she looked forward to the most.

If it were the usual Francesca, even if training started early in the morning, she would have stirred the pot with sparkling eyes.

But, the circ.u.mstances were different today.


Sleepy. Very sleepy. Was Leonhart's《Sleep Peacefully》still in effect? Francesca, since earlier, was drifting between dreams and reality.

Yesterday's downpour had disappeared, outside spread the clear blue sky. If she lied down on the gra.s.s and rested her eyes, she would surely fall asleep.

The autumn wind lifted the curtains and caressed Francesca's cheeks. Every time it happened, her eyelids would become heavy with drowsiness.

"Fran! Fran! Please wake up! We have cla.s.s!"

Her practice partner yelled loudly beside her. The Duke of Valeria's daughter, Tricia.

They became friends when they sat next to each other during the entrance ceremony, it's been two and a half years already. a.s.sociating with another Duke's daughter, usually, seeds of rivalry would sprout. Actually, in the beginning, Tricia and I had some conflicts. However, a certain incident[1] made us forge a long lasting friends.h.i.+p.

"Practice… magic… ea-"

"Fran! There's too much, you're using too much magical poweraaAAHH!"


Francesca had the highest magical capacity in the kingdom. With normal magicians, when making an elixir, it would require ten people, but she could finish by herself. Now, imagine this sort of person pouring an excessive amount of magic into her potion due to sleepiness.

Conclusion. It's a large explosion.

"That, that was terrible!"

"Sorry, Tricia…"

"Look at my clothes, the teacher even got angry! …Hey, turn around! Our backs are still wet!"

Tricia used magic to dry off their uniforms. Comparing it to modern j.a.pan, it was like using a dryer.

"But Fran, it's unusual for you to be so tired. What were you up to last night?"


During the storm, my fiancé, Leon suddenly pushed me onto my bed. I was kissed, and my ears were licked… my body heated up. Just remembering it made her cheeks grow wa

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