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From far away, the ground rumbled.

Creak! Creak!

The door and window let out piercing screams. The bed sloshed like alakedisturbedby a stone.


Sam opened his eyes from his deep sleep. His vision was blurry from lying down, but he abruptly got up.

‘An earthquake?’

He arched his back. Everyone feared a natural disaster like an earthquake, but miners feared them even more, andSamespeciallydisliked earthquakes.

The earthquake soon stopped, but Sam’s heart failed to calm down.

‘Let me take a look outside.’

The earthquake might have affected the mine. He couldn’t investigate its effectscarefully at this time of the night, but he could scan the mine’s exterior. He quickly put on his clothes and got out.

* * *

Hans stared at the window that Zich jumped out of.

‘What is going on?’

Hans thoughtZichwould return soon, buteven after much time had passed, Zich still hadn’t come back.Hanseven thought of going to sleep first since Zich seemed open-minded about these kinds of matters;he didn’t think Zich wouldnitpickaboutwho slept first. However, the earthquakelingered on his mind. It was ridiculous to think that there would be any human involvement in a natural phenomenon, butit seemed possible with Zich.

‘It could totally happen.’

Thus, Hans couldn’t go to sleep peacefully.


While wonderingifthe earthquake involved Zich or if itwas just a coincidence, Hans saw someone walking in the night.

‘Isn’t that Sam?’

What was he doing so late at night? Hans ran out of the window. Althoughhe denied such claims, he was becoming more like Zich.

“Mr. Sam?”

“You gave me a scare!”

Sam looked startled. He was walking in a dark night with only his torchto rely on, so Hans surprised him by dropping down from the sky. Sam clutched onto his thumping heart and tried tostillit.

“A-Are you ok?”

“Yes. I was just a bit surprised.”’

Hanslooked atSamwith an apologeticface.

Hans was someone who stuck to Zich’s side like an accessory. Zich called Hans his servant, but Sam knew that Hanswasn’t a slave, so he maintained his etiquette.

“What are you here for,Mr. Hans?”

“I was looking out of the window and saw you passing by.”

Hans pointed at the building next to them. Only one window was openwith the light onfrom one ofthe many attached to the building’s walls.

‘Did he jump off fromthere?’

Sam looked at Hans in surprise, but Hans was calm as if he hadn’t done anything special. It almost seemed as if Sam was the unusual one.

‘I thought he was normal and meek in comparison to Zich, but as expected of Zich’s servant.’

Hans was also different from ordinary people like him.

“Where are you going in a hurry in the middle of the night?”

“I amgoing tocheck the minebecause of the earthquake.”

“At this time? Wouldn’t it be better to go whenit’s bright?”

“If I don’t check it immediately, my heart won’t be able torest.”

Sam’s fa

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