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titel-schutz > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 4
Zich walked towards the servant, step by step.

There was no hesitation in his movements, and each of his footsteps carried murderous intent.Only then did everyone realize that Zich’s words and actions were not meant to be rebellious or metaphorical—he literally meant to kill the servant.


At the servant’s plea, the Countess broke out from her trance.

“S-Stop! Didn’t I tell you to stop! How dare you draw blood in front of your parents! Where did you learn to behave so rudely!”

“DearMother, how could I dare to draw blood in front of my parents? Mother, I was going to drag the servant to a suitable place and finish him off. Mother, even though my heartis broken,how can I let an insult towards me, the—Legitimate. Blood. Heir.—of our great Steelwall family slide?”

Zich replied slyly to the Countess’s outcry.

“How could Hans have insulted you?! This child wouldnever do such a thing!”

‘Ah, no wonder the servant acted so cockily. He was one of the Countess’s people.’

There was a high possibility that Hans was the child or some relative of one of the servants that the Countess had initially brought with her.

“Y-yes! How could I dare to insult a noble family!”

Hans began to grovel on the floor. Sweat trickleddown his back—nothing was going according to plan.

He just wanted to get back at Zich for hurting him and simultaneously harm Zich’s reputation to further support Greig’s succession as heir. If things were like normal, Zich would have been busy making excuses with his head hung low; and no matter how many excuses he gave, the Count would have used the knight and Hans’swords as evidence against Zich to scold him.

However, the situation had completely flipped because of Zich’s brazen-faced attitude.

Hans couldn’t believe that Zich dared to wield a sword in front of the Count, and as a consequence, the situation was now leaninginZich’s favor.

Like Zich said, what Hans did reallydeserveda death sentence.Due to Zich’s shy nature and his weak position in the family, Hans had gotten away with his behaviors so far, but what if Zich reallyintendedto kill him now? And what if the Countess failed to defend him because the situation was now leaning towards Zich’s favor?

‘If I speak wrongly, I really might die!’

Hans finally began to realize the gravity ofthesituation.

“I can confidently say that I have never said a rude word or acted impudently to the young master!”

“Then, are you saying that I’m lying?”


Hans wanted to shout, ‘Of course!’, but Zich’s cold gaze made himspeechless. And it was at this moment that another voice came out from a distance and replied for Hans.

“Yes,that’s true! The young master is lying!”

The voice sounded desperate. People turned around to see the speaker, and Hans looked back as if a saviorhad cometo save him from hell.

‘It’s that, what’s his name—Knight Byner.’

The speaker was Byner, whom Zich had also beaten up.

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