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A white space.

And as soon as Zio recognized the area as a ‘space’ the background changed as if paint was spreading.

The new area was a small European-style lab that reeked of old books.

The titles of the books were all written in unrecognizable letters.

Outside of the half-open window, a field of rice could be seen.

The papers blown away by the wind fell towards Zio’s feet.

Zio chose one of the papers and picked it up.

‘What were these called…? A formula?’

【I see. Is this the landscape that comes from you? No, perhaps it’s a little mixed up with mine.】

A voice echoed throughout the space.

She couldn’t see anything. Zio was puzzled as she looked around.

And then a sound of laughter came.

Something touched Zio’s cheek as if it was caressing it.

【I missed you】

【My ■■■■】

【Ah, I guess it’s ‘Gyeon Zio’ now. Gyeon Zio】

“…who are you? Where the hell are we? Did I get kidnapped?”

【You are still as fearless as ever. I wish I was a kidnapper, but this is just your unconscious world. I had forgotten that your rank is infinitely insignificant and weak compared to mine.】

【Even engraving a holy marriage is difficult, so I had to forcefully use it. So to be more precise, it’s your unconscious body inside me.】

“What are you talking about?”

【Hmm. is it because you are still young? You have not grown enough yet. Haven’t the runners talked about it yet? About the white world and encounter with the holy beings.】

Higher being

A star(Deity)

And those chosen by them.

…the incarnations.

As if a lightbulb turned on, these things suddenly came into Zio’s mind.

Zio shouted in surprise “Star?”

The star laughed.

【Please note that the process you would watch from TV isn’t as peaceful】

【What a merciful Deity I am. You are without a contract huh? The casualties I would have to deal with in case our cat gets hurt…】

‘Awakening. An awakening… wait, dad!’

“Dad, what about my dad? My dad is a hunter, he is out there in danger! I shouldn’t be here. I need to go get my dad. Get me out of here!”


The deity responded in a somewhat convincing tone.

【What will you do if you go out there? Is there anything you can do by yourself?】

“What’s the matter with you star-ahjussi!”

【A-Ahjussi?】(She basically referred to him as an old man)

A beam of light.

“Let me out! I am here! Open the door! Save me, Gyeon Zio!”

【Choose your words carefully. You like the kidnapping play yet you don’t intend on becoming a real kidnapping victim.】

“Dear mom and dad. Zio is okay, so don’t give in to threats, and the 100 million won the kidnapper requests is for my brother’s tuition…”

【Hey. can you put down that pen!】

Zio rudely threw the quill and ink bottle, they felt uncomfortable to use.

Lying down, Zio glared at the air.

“What do you want! You filthy bastard.”

【What the hell does your mother show to her daughter? Hold on a second…

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