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‘It is playing with us.’

It was like a full-fledged cat patting a mouse until it hides in the corner.

Behind him, the dead end wall was getting closer and closer.

Baek Do-hyun swiped his blood-stained lips. The taste of iron was fishy.

Tomb Keeper of the Red lily mountain.

Originally it was a mental-type monster that appeared in one of the late 20th floor scenarios of the tower 〈The abandoned crown prince〉.

It could summon a cloud of mist that brought humans to the most frightening and miserable moment in their lives…

If someone got trapped in there and became unable to wake up, the spirit body would be dragged into the borderline hill and reduced to a fertilizator for the bloody mist, the source of the seal.

Waking up from it wasn’t easy.

The two pet chimera monsters carried by the tomb keeper boasted of atrocities, changing their body structures at will.

Although he managed to hold out thanks to his regressor experience, he currently had a sealed covenant.

It was purely because of the opponent’s nasty personality that the game that should have been won or lost earlier still continued.

“- – -! – -. – – -.”

[Error code. Invalid Access.]

《This is not a scenario zone. The other person’s language cannot be interpreted.》

There was no need for an interpretation.

The tomb keeper grinned, pointing his finger at them.

“Hey, that ugly bastard like that uncanny valley, and that bastard that got pounded like a buffet, are laughing at us now”

“What if I am?”

Baek Do-hyun, who shook off his sweat by shaking his head, breathed to his limit.

“…Jo-yeon-ssi, still no response??”

“Uh, there is not. What should I do?”

“As I said, never touch her. If you touch a person who has been attacked, they might never wake up. Just keep saying her name occasionally.”

“I will. But if she doesn’t wake up, I’ll…”

Na Jo-yeon cried as she swallowed back her words.

Baek Do-hyun replied without difficulty. It was simple.

“Then we will die here.”

Unfortunately they had no other options.

Even if they died in Babel Tower, it was only in the tutorial scenario and you wouldn’t actually die.

However, the Tomb Keeper was definitely a 20th-floor monster. Not a tutorial monster.

The error code that kept popping up was confirming this unanswered reality and killing it.

If you die here, it’s really over.

‘How far did she get dragged in?’

Baek Do-hyun nervously glanced behind him.

The concentration of the Blood Mist used by the Tomb keeper was proportional to the opponent’s strength.

Unlike the two people who were relatively shallow, the bloody mist covering Zio was terrifyingly thick.

Kwaang- Pagagak!


The experienced chimera was well aware of the distracted state of it’s opponents.

Cough. Baek Do-hyun who was thrown into the wall vomited blood.

Na Jo-yeon , who ran away in shock, used her skill in a hurry, but the only

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