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Zio crossed her legs and slightly raised her chin.

“I never said I would sign the contract yet why is it that you are acting like you caught a fish? Am I a fish to you?”

【What the hell! You are a cat. I don’t accept such strange interpretations.】

Wait, no this isn’t right.


As if he was a raccoon that lost its cotton candy while washing it by the stream, the deity felt a sense of loss.

【Where else can you find a contract that gives you everything like this?】

Customer, the situation is difficult if you suddenly change your mind like that.

The deity was like a novice worker who was in the first month of their career, he listened and acted emotionally.

However, the nine-year-old elementary schooler Gyeon Zio was unyielding and acted like an experienced customer.

“No, there aren’t a lot of options, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

【Of course, you won’t understand it just by hearing the word. Just experience it yourself. You will feel amazing!】

You had to try it for yourself to really feel the difference from others, unni.

A child who has been picked out and chosen by the universe. You will never regret it.

In response to the typical hype-selling mall worker answer, Zio folded her arms like a veteran customer who had gone through all sorts of hardships.

This sort of posture was often psychologically interpreted as discomfort or defense towards the other party.


No more words were needed.

A master could press on without words.

The nervous deity changed into a nervous worker who started changing things to adapt to the standards of the customer.


【I said it a bit too hard. Agreed. Reflected on. And regretted it. I did it out of greed because I wanted to look cool, I apologize.】

【But listen carefully. Baby, don’t you want to have a contract with this oppa? Then, even if you play around, eat and sleep all day you can stay in 1st place.】

【Seon Yeong is that top student from next door who always ranks 1st, even if you don’t show it doesn’t it make you feel stressed? This Oppa knows how upset it makes you.】


【Now whenever Seon Young boasts about being number 1 all little Zio has to do is laugh at her and say.】

【“Hey you little bitch! Aren’t you only 1st place in morning star? I am number 1 in the world. It’s a truck made by my Unni’s and Oppa’s! Hmph!”】


As a Korean who was weak against retaliation cider, Little Zio was a bit shaken up, not only that the vocal mimicry of unyieldingness was particularly delicious.

Following that, a life full of comfort different from everyone else was guaranteed, a life of luxury where you wouldn’t even have to get a drop of water on your hand.

The deity who brought up all sorts of tempting offers finally said his final lines.

【I-I’ll let you walk on a flowery path.】


【Let’s do everything except the things we don’t want to do, Gyeon Zio.】

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