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『Hello, Viewers!』

『Good morning to everyone, I’m Babel’s MC Mona, who is here to deliver the latest news in the world of hunters!』

『I’m MC Liza』

『I’m sure everyone heard that beautiful sound last night! Yes! Dawn Guild, led by the No.6 Ranker Hwang Hon, presented the sound of victory to Korea after a long time!』

『After 5 months the 39th floor has finally opened, so everyone is looking forward to it! Isn’t it just before the opening of the 40th ‘Tutorial Week’ LIzaLiza? The timing is awesome』

『Yes, as the 30th floors last gate it’s expected to have a considerable difficulty. It’s likely that each guild will recruit elite personnel and attack in alliance』

『As a result, each guild will need to reinforce its own power, i.e, recruitment』

『Due to the progress of the ‘tutorial’ the upper floors will also be temporarily damaged, so naturally all attention will be focused on the tutorial』

『Especially! The 19th, 29th and this 39th floor! There is a myth that the attackers during the opening period of ‘The 9th section of evil’ are often chosen by the stars!』

『This is not something that can be dismissed as a simple superstition』

『Sir Gyeon Ji-rok, currently ranked 5th in Korea, and Sir Hwang Hon who is ranked 6th were also rookies who received the most attention during the year 29th floor was attacked. And both of them succeeded in choosing a ‘deity’ and getting an S-rank』

『Woow, I wonder if we can expect a new S-ranker?』

『I won’t comment on it』

『You always avoid me!』

『Who will be the next supernova! Maybe the one who is watching the show! It could be you! Yeah? Babel didn’t give you a ‘ticket’?』

『Don’t worry! It’s too early to feel disappointed! There are still 27 hours until the start of the ‘tutorial run’. See the clock on the top right? Don’t forget that Babel Tower once gave out 10 tickets right before the opening!』

『Regarding that, let’s take a quick look at commercials for a moment and then we’ll look at the analysis section in more detail』

『Before that, let’s watch ‘one minute of spotlight’ Monamona』

『Oh my! That’s right!』

『Today’s topic for ‘One Minute of Spotlight’ is a hot tip video sent by ‘If you are in Korea, let’s play Jo Pop’ Those of you who are quick must have already heard it, the hero of the Seolleung station!』

『It’s been a long time since we have seen His majesty, but it’s always nice to see a divine appearance! Now shall we watch it together?』


“I think I will be away for a while”

“Yeah. Go ahead”

“It’s going to take a long time”

“How long?”

“A week… or so”


Zio’s head turned around so fast it made a real crack sound. It was as if her sky had collapsed

She slept late and woke up late

There was no one who said something if she didn’t study, she could play games on her phone freely, eat whatever she wants, and lie down whenever she wanted to

She wondered

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