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All the monitors that were illuminating the tutorial field went down with a noise.

No one had any idea how the situation would change with the difficulty adjustment.

“Do you know why there is such a thing as a monitor room in Babel, Jo.”

“To find the ones who have talent and raise them.”

“That’s true, but the nature of ‘monitoring’ is to be able to prepare for unexpected events. If the target is a beginner, then they must be observed for protection.”

〈Silver Lion〉’s president and vice president, Gyeon Ji-rok, and Jo.

There were only a few left at the monitor room after everyone rushed out so it was quiet.

Eun Seok-won said in a serious tone.

“We can’t lose the rookies here. They are the future.”

“Why so over the top? It’s just a change in difficulty.”

”I think that Babel’s monitor room was arranged for unexpected situations, or something like that. The tower shook. This is the first time it ever happened. That’s never a good sign.”

“…what do you want me to do?”

Zio continued in a dreary manner.

“I am sure they will find their way out, are they kids or what? There must be someone inside who knows something…”


There was.

Not the old man, but Gyeon Zio.

Zio’s eyes trembled under the hood.

Come to think of it, Baek-ssi…!

Until earlier, she was sitting relaxed on the sofa cheering ‘Go, regression monster. You are Number 1’, she was even laughing inside but she had forgotten.

Zio’s words suddenly stopped .

Gyeon Ji-rok, who told his guild members to leave first and remained alone, couldn’t hold his tongue.

“I understand what you are feeling, silver lion. But it’s impossible to interrupt a tutorial that has already started, and it’s even more impossible to break into it in the middle. Especially if you are a ranker. I am sure you know that very well. Soso let’s not burden Gyeon Zio with the impossible.”

”I didn’t mean to. If it sounded like that, then I apologise.”

“No need for apologies… well it’s frustrating for me too. If a contractor helps then maybe someone can use them and receive a Ranker’s ‘exclusive ticket’.”


Zio swallowed her dry saliva.


A dagger flew onto her chest and bloomed.

But don’t worry. If nothing showed on her face then she could just act as if nothing happened, and go home…

“..no more movement. Did you hide your brazen face?”

‘Damn it. He is like a bastard.’

[Attribute ‘brazen face’ has been disabled.]

Gyeon Ji-rok’s hand snatched the hood down like a hawk.

Bleh. Zio turned her head back towards the sky.

“Ah, no? You mean me?”

“You… I am really curious, are you aware of how terrible of a liar you are? I want to be fooled too. Whatever. Just answer. Did your contractor give you the ‘free pass’ or not?”

“You are writing your own script, Bambi bastard!”

“If you get caught lying, your hands will fly away. Huh?”

Tap tap. Clatter.


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