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1. The Early Bird is Hungry

Around 20 years ago

The things called ‘towers’ started appearing all around the world

The black towers that fell like a strike of lightning on each capital city was so large that the top of it couldn’t be seen, and it was impossible to discern with any modern technology

What’s that? How scary…

Once people’s fear and confusion started getting out of control

A sound started being heard from the tower that was originally silent. To be more exact…

It was a ‘message’ that appeared in front of people’s eyes

[Babel Network, opening world server]

[Planet Earth. World channel open]

[Nice to meet you, Earth!]

[The first entrance ticket into the Babel tower has been sent out]

A translucent message window

At first glance, it looked similar to notification windows in online games

The difference was that this was a one-sided delivery, and this is not inside of a monitor but rather reality?

And thus, the unidentified tower introduced itself as ‘Babel’

It then kindly informed everyone of the disaster that would come if the people didn’t follow its guidance

There wasn’t any time given for panic and hesitation. Without even giving mankind the opportunity to contemplate about it, the disaster suddenly appeared in the world

Gate outbreak

(Gate Outbreak)

Dozens of black holes emerged as the sky ripped and the ground started cracking

The cracks that appeared simultaneously, quite literally ‘spurred out’ foreign monsters

Modern weapons were useless against it. People thought that the world would be in ruins due to global warming, but all of a sudden it was in ruins due to a festival of monsters. Everyone was in despair

Those who entered the tower after being given the first ‘ticket’ made a dramatic return

Their hands were… full of old-fashioned weapons like swords, spears and bows

Some people summoned fire and lightning out of empty air

It was the 1st generation of what we call ‘the awakened’

And the era of the great hunters had begun


“What’s the wi-fi password here?’

“It’s written in the bottom of the receipt, miss”

“…aaah, I’ll get a glass. The smallest one.”

It was indeed a dystopia. The viability of cafes were growing stronger and stronger everyday

Gyeon Zio sat down admiring the amazing modern business tactics

It had already been a month since the college test results had come out

This time once again, her mother had angrily stopped her cell phone services with to a clean cut

So she could only use her reception, a perfect unusable phone

Without wi-fi, the situation was no different than being a prehistoric man in a remote island

‘How come you didn’t send me to a boarding school again….’

To be more exact, she had told her to teach herself, saying that the return of her investment was too terrible

It was a modern hell over there anyway

Zio shuddered as she recalled the ter

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