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! Emergency Notice [Babel]

3-7 13:42 Mt. Bukhansan, Seoul.

An unexpected Grade 2 cracks have simultaneously started appearing in the western part of Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Please evacuate from the dangerous area immediately.

! Emergency Notice [Babel]

3-7 13:45

An unexpected Grade 4 crack has appeared in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. Please pay attention to your safety.

! Emergency Notice [Babel]

Seoul, Suwon, Namyangju at 13:50 p.m. on July 7.

Emergency crack alert. Please pay attention to your safety by doing things such as refraining from going outside, prohibiting evacuation and access to dangerous areas, securing the safety of the elderly and the weak, and keeping up with the disaster broadcasts.

Diing, Ring ring.

The cafe that was usually swarming with people as if it was always a national holiday suddenly all turned their heads with the sound of notifications.

After checking the emergency notification, Gyeon Geum-hee turned on the youtube app out of habit.

The home page had already switched to a different version.

This meant that all real time attention was focused on the ‘hunters’.

There were two versions of the Home Page on youtube.

The normal version with regular videos and the Hunter version with Hunter-related videos.

The hunter version was often called the huntube or the right tube because you could switch over to it with a button on the upper right of the screen.

Generation of streaming.

This was a really strong move from youtube that was starting to lose viewers to other platforms that included hunter content.

Every awakened person that had interest in their popularity since their first appearance.

Streaming didn’t work within the tower, but what about in dungeons?

Vlogs, crack videos, etc. that filmed the daily lives of the hunters such as during dungeon attacks and markey caused a stir within the industry.

They would receive a lot of money.

Besides, there were no language barriers included when watching raids.

The number of viewers (=money) skyrocketed across countries.

There was a reason why escapees who only focused on dungeons had a bad public opinion, it was because those escapees could be seen as these youtubers.

And being 17 years old, attending 1st year of high school, class 4.

Gyeon Geum-hee, the youngest of the 3 siblings in her family, was an outside-of-rankings youtuber.

[LIVE!!] Secret broadcast) going from Seoul to Namyangju(inflow is welcomed)

[Single person Broadcast] Eh? Here? All of a sudden? I came to Suwon and ran into a gate.

LIVEsudden gate || Let’s cheer together |

‘Damn, they are fast.’

“Ah, do I have to go home? Wasn’t the monstrosity happening at the tutorial run? Why do cracks always happen in metropolitan areas?”

“There are a lot of heads. So they explode more in terms of population.”

“From today on, I will start replanning my life with the goal of immigrating to

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