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[You have been invited to the raid party by CC-class hunter Shin Jincheol]

[Attack] ‘Jongno Quest Guerdon college of engineering’ | Difficulty: R | Role: Other

[Do you wish to accept it?]

/Party Channel, ‘Anonymous’ has entered /

“My gosh… are you kidding me? Who’s that anonymous? Don’t you know that the nickname of the target party is set by real name? Are you here to hang out? Are you here to play? Change it now!”

/Party Channel, ‘anonymous 2’ has entered /

“…what are you two doing! Did you want to give it a try?”

The two people who breathed heavily watched the raid leader’s face go between red and blue across the river with their arms crossed.

The two had expressions that said ‘I am just an innocent civilian who doesn’t know anything’ and ‘I am the boss of a big company and you are just a subcontractor’.

One side was a civilian, and the other was a prime contractor.

The two men and women overpowered, so the audience sank into silence.

Tak Lamin who tried explaining to Zio quickly gave up.

What was the point of teaching an industry rule to a civilian?

She had no idea what was what and had nothing to say to the claim that it was all the system.

And the other side came from the upper ranks of 〈Dawn〉 so was completely untouchable.

“That’s enough. We don’t have time to argue about meaningless things, and you two go ‘Random’.”

Babel was a network where anonymous systems could be used.

Therefore, there were some countermeasures for it.

Such as nicknames for the party channel.

In order to prevent confusion in orders during rais, the anonymous nickname could be changed randomly according to a number of requests.

When party members think of a specific image for a particular person, Babel chooses the most appropriate name for them.

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/[Random] Nicknames will be changed./

/Anonymous → Nyangachi, Anonymous 2 → Gangster tofu/

“Nyangachi?”(It means a badass cat, a cat that bullies)

Tak Lamin dodged the gaze of Nyangachi’s triangle eyes.

“W-what, Gangster Tofu? This, who is this, If I catch you I won’t let go.”

Yoon Eui-seo turned his head at the threats of the gangster tofu.

Anyways, the R-class dungeon quest in Jongno.

Total number of people, including the two S-classes (who are hiding their powers), ten.

In the history dungeon raids, which is the de facto second division league, being pushed to the top, a luxurious lineup unprecedented in the history of the dungeon was born.

(Guerilla) Dungeon Quest

/No rating restrictions/

▷ 〈Victims of Pollution〉

▷ Difficulty | R • Number of People | 10/10

▷ Goals | Stop the runaways and rescue the civilians

▷ Timer | 00:19:27:57

━ Unlucky! (๑˃o˂๑) Encounter with an extra dimensional debris.

━ The subordinate species under the parasite king are slow and inferior, but they have a knack for polluting their s

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